The Band

Vaaje became a band when vocalist and songwriter, Guro Vaaje Haugen had to put together an ensemble for her singing exam, in the spring of 2016. She formed the band with herself on vocals and guitar, Marius Klevstad on electric guitar, Aleksander Lorentzen on keys, HÃ¥kon Mellingen on drums and Martin Ulltang on bass.

The five students became good friends at the time when they all studied music in Oslo, which the band sees as their strength and foundation for being able to make music and be creative together. This comes to life in their sound, a unity of different styles in one pot. The genre is not one, but is hovering between pop, rock, americana, jazz and ballad as all five help to shape each song with their musical background.

Their music creates a space for comfort and security. As listeners we can come to stay, be who we are, and perhaps meet our feelings which we usually dont want to meet, and appreciate them. The songs take us on a journey through all possible emotions, from frustration to joy and from sadness to hope. The lyrics written by Guro, engage the heart while giving peace of mind.